Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Birds of Young and Old

The want list takes another hit. 

It's still early in the week for me after a long weekend and the always bittersweet return of football to the scene, but here's a few cards of Cardinals of past and present that I was mailed recently by the Cards Stacks Blog. Well, they weren't mailed by the blog itself. That would be odd.

Here's All-Star Matt Carpenter, recently returned to the lineup, on a design I never cared for. I still need a ton of these things (the ones that feature Cardinals, of course), so they're always appreciated even if they're a little garish.

Stan The Man, and all those bats! I'm sure this press photo has been used a million times over, but it's a nice fit in this set where photography takes center stage. It's sort of the anti-BUNT.

Somehow I missed getting my hands on one of these inserts from 2014. It seems like the only thing Shelby Miller will be looking to break out of this season is Baseball Jail.

It's still not really fare of me to lionize this year's Chrome while criticizing the base set so harshly, but these cards are just more substantial.

Here's one for Erin's collection, which means -- yes -- I need one more of these. I finally got all the Panini stuff added to my 2016 want list a couple weeks back, for the first time publicly admitting that I want stuff from a set that has no MLB license. Yes, the playing field has been leveled that much with even one hand tied behind Panini's back, and it's not all all their doing.

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