Thursday, September 22, 2016

Back to the '70s

A super trader hits my want list where it's most vulnerable. 

As much as it seems like there's an infinite number of modern sports cards, the further back in time you go the fewer things there were to collect. Of course, anything produced before my first baseball memories (the beginning of the '80s) is still an area that's a bit neglected in my collection. Mark Hoyle is a Supertrader (and a super trader, of course) and for some reason I hadn't sent him any cards in who knows how long? This was rectified recently, and for my part I ended up with an envelope stuffed full of '70s goodies from both my basketball and baseball teams.

One of my posts earlier this summer featured a similar Blazers Team Leaders style card. That was the '75-'76 version (featuring the previous season's leaders). We step back a year with this one.

Bernie Fryer's playing career was brief, but he went on to have a long career as a referee. He retired in 2007 because he was tired of the antics of one LeBron James. (citation needed)

There were Cardinals, of course, because there's always Cardinals. This particular League Leaders card seems very familiar to me, but I am pretty sure this is at the very least an upgrade in condition to what I already owned.

I completely missed out on National Baseball Card Day. It's not on the calendar on my wall. It's not in my phone. I think there's only one brick-and-mortar card shop left in the Portland metro area, and by the time I make it out there next I wouldn't be surprised if it closed. Anyway, Yadi card was apparently one of this year's perks, and it will almost certainly end up in Erin's collection.

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  1. Glad they arrived safely.. I'll dig up some more Blazers for you. Thanks for the Price


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