Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Diary of a Heritage Collector

Another entry into the log. 

It's April 2017, just past Tax Day. After putting out the selfish call for help with my 2017 Heritage collection, a bunch of people responded, including the very generous Mr. Meeks from My Cardboard Habit. Per the usual formatting for my reports, I have selected to scan just a few cards to represent the many that I was able to cross off of my neverending list.

I was watching a Rockies game the other day when the TV broadcast saw fit to put up a photo of Charlie Blackmon on the screen next to his present day visage. Take a look if you want, just for giggles.

The Yankees are pretty good this year, right? Gary Sanchez was last year's Aaron Judge, which probably gives Yankees fans mixed emotions right about now.

I don't get a lot of Frank Howard cards. I really would appreciate it if Topps mixed up the past greats and legends a bit in their products, but haven't we all been saying that since the mid-oughts when Topps would cram 500 Mantle reprints in every box?

This one isn't actually from the 2017 set, not that you could really tell by the design. The square "button" cards or discs or whatever these are supposed to be look pretty much identical this year as they did last year. Piscotty's square round thing is going straight to my Cardinals binders, rather than my 2016 set.

Finally, it's the crown jewel of this bubble mailer - an Aledmys Diaz Chrome Refractor serial numbered to just 68 because it's blue. I have a really hard time telling the difference between the various colored refractors in this set under natural light, but after scanning this I can actually finally see the blueness.

Until the next entry...

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