Monday, June 12, 2017

Cards in a Can

At some point in your life, you have to do this. 

Like many a card collector before me who went into an extended hiatus through the bulk of the '90s, I was fascinated by the ridiculous idea of cards-in-a-can and knew that someday I would get my own can of cards to open. That day was recently. For all its flaws, eBay is still a wonderful thing in many regards.

I went for a 1997 can for this little exercise. I already have an empty can from 1998, so I decided to choose the previous year for whatever reason. In any case, here's the entire contents of a pack, so to speak, from the era of very large men who were good at baseball.

110 - Darin Erstad

138 - Raul Casanova - Okay, I don't know him.

80 - Mark Grudzielanek - Ah, please bring back the Expos. I find the hair-flipping Nationals to be insufferable.

79 - Jose Canseco - Jose didn't rip his sleeves off. His incredible awesomeness blew the sleeves right off.

25 - Todd Hollandsworth

128 - Andruw Jones - Just call him "Andrew". I don't know why Braves announcers made it so confusing.

50 - Dean Palmer

99 - Charles Johnson - It probably has a lot to do with the Marlins championship that year, but Charles Johnson was a pretty hot property at one point.

63 - Jeff Bagwell - AHHHHH frost-tipped hair! Get it away from me!

129 - Vladimir Guerrero - Not an actual rookie card, but a pretty great player to end this with.

You're right, Pinnacle! These cans ARE cool!


  1. Fun, but one was all it took to convince me I never needed to open another can again. I love the placement of the Pinnacle logo on Canseco's forehead, right where the ball bounced off for an HR.

  2. I got these with my Easter basket one year. They came in a "4 pack", which I guess was like a blaster of cans?


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