Monday, July 24, 2017

A Side Trip

A few cards from the other sports. 

I've been pretty baseball focused this summer, both in my online activities and general collecting pursuits. I'm working on (for the second time in a couple years) going through all of my Cardinals collection so that everything is online and the data is easy to access. The action in the MLB season, as they say, is starting to heat up. The trade deadline approaches.

Here are a few non-baseball cards sent my way courtesy of Sportscards From The Dollar Store.

Here's a card from LaMarcus Aldridge's last season with the Blazers. I believe it's the only card from this set I even own.

I mostly remember Greg Lewis from the last new NFL video game I ever played, the last one in the 2K series (NFL 2K5).  I never needed Madden in my life, and am quite happy with playing Tecmo Super Bowl if you really want to play some video games.

Shady managed to make the Eagles somewhat watchable during some dark seasons. I'm cautiously optimistic about the new direction the team is taking now, but I don't see a lot of reasons to get carried away with bold predictions yet.

Finally, I usually leave these kinds of special cards for certain Saturdays in the fall, but I couldn't help myself. Look at that big yellow thing! Ifo was one of my favorite players to ever wear a Ducks uniform, so it was rough to see him continually derailed by injuries in his attempt to make it in the pros. Even though certain things are Photoshopped away, I am always happy to get cards in Ducks uniforms.


  1. Here's a sort of six degrees of separation thingy. My ex-girlfriend is the cousin of Ifo Ekpre-Olomu's fiancee's mom. Kinda confusing, I know. But we've been collecting his cards... which I give to my ex-girlfriend's mom who's a huge sports fan.

  2. Don't worry. My next envelope for you should also have a nice card for a Saturday post.

  3. Fuji: that's awesome, although it gives me a headache to think about!

    buckstorecards: Can't wait!


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