Sunday, July 9, 2017

Envelopes upon Envelopes

Many Heritage cards stuffed in multiple envelopes. 

Not content to just send a few cards in one PWE when I was looking for extra Topps Heritage cards to fill my collection needs, reader Jeff stuffed several envelopes full of bunches of Heritage cards. His blog has been dormant for awhile, but I am linking it here anyway just in case it pops back to life one of these days.

Moncada is being featured at the Futures Game (currently in progress), while Fulmer has struggled at the AAA level so far. It seems like Moncada should get the big call-up any day now.

Jeff also sent a ton of 2016's. Sano has pulled his weight of this young Twins tandem, but Buxton has failed to do anything but be incredibly fast. I guess his ceiling is Billy Hamilton, maybe?

At one point last season, this card was the equivalent of the Aaron Judge/Tyler Austin card from this year's set. Judge has blasted past that level and, along with Cody Bellinger, seems to be completely shifting the market for low and mid level baseball cards in 2017. Meanwhile, this Schwarber card can be had for 54 cents on COMC.

Here's one for the Cardinals collection. Matt Adams heads into the All-Star break with 14 HR after riding the bench for the first six weeks of the season. It's hard to see him as the one that got away, though, as there are a ton of guys with power who have limited defensive versatility in this league. I'm rooting for him just the same, as I always hoped he'd develop into an every day player in St. Louis like he has the chance to be in Atlanta (... even though their franchise player plays the same position. Hmm.)

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