Friday, July 7, 2017

Wrapping Up Series 2

Except that I still need a million and a half inserts and parallels, as usual. 

Without ever having to get my hands dirty and open a pack, I've managed to put together the Cardinals team set from this year's flagship Topps Series 2. After Baseball Every Night's super generous group break, I entered another one put on by Tracy's Box Breaks. This time around, I ended up with both the Cardinals and their NL Central rival Milwaukee Brewers. (Don't worry, I didn't set those ones on fire.)

Jose Martinez, who was coincidentally demoted to AAA today to make room for Dexter Fowler's activation from the DL, was the last base card I needed. He was a ten year minor leaguer who finally got the call late last season, and made the big club out of spring training. He's a pretty solid hitter who will likely provide some pop off the bench in September, assuming he's not recalled before then.

While I didn't land a hit to speak of, I was pleased to add another card of the Wizard to my collection. Ozzie has his own binder. He's privileged. This is a nice look at a different photo of the "Go Crazy, Folks!" moment that we don't often see.

I did pick up my first gold parallel from the 2017 set in closer Seung-Hwan Oh. Oh has been very, er... hittable this season. I think his velocity is down. Yeah, probably not a good sign.

I still miss the old metal serial numbers. These just look tossed off and don't really stand out at all.

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Peter K Steinberg said...

The Oh card back is lamentable for its lack of information...surprised Topps doesn't use that space for more marketing of their products. I'm so glad that by joining my break you got so many cards of Cards!