Friday, December 29, 2017

Contest Update!

Some are doing well. Others are Coug-ing it. 

First off, you have just hours left to make your Belk Bowl prediction. Additionally, after the playoff games on Monday, you'll need to log back into the contest site to make your final picks for the championship game. I will send out some sort of reminder through the ESPN platform to make sure everyone does that.

Here's where we stand now after 26 games played:

  • Wilson's MN St Screaming Eagles are in first, with Jafronius's The Big Show followed close behind. Both are in the upper crust (97+ percentile) of all predictors across the internetsphere. (That's a word, right?)
  • When you factor in PPR (Potential Points Remaining), Mr Haverkamp's BadgerIPAs are hanging back in 3rd but are better positioned to gain more points. Meanwhile, a number of entrants hanging down towards the rear of the standings actually have the most PPR, but they will need to be more successful with their prognostications than they have been thus far to have a shot.
  • Bringing up the rear, and thus staring down a Worst Place Prize (?) is mintxcore's The Miami Marlins of CFB, currently dragging the whole contest down just like the Marlins do to the once proud National League with regularity.
Thanks for playing, and let me know if you have any questions!


  1. Man, I was in third, but then everything went to the dogs. Sitting in 15th now and still falling.

  2. I can't believe I missed the initial post to participate in this! So bummed!


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