Wednesday, June 6, 2018

CardConNW '18: 'Graphs

Cards from another locally based blogger. 

As the 10th anniversary here approaches, it bears mentioning that Rod of Padrographs was among the first group of people I traded cards with via the internet. I also got a chance to meet him in the local meet-up back in March. The Lakers fan (really?!) sent me some of his unwanted Blazers cards, as well as a nice batch of Redbird goodies.

Jeff Pendergraph was a draft pick of the Trail Blazers back in 2009, which is probably around the time I first traded with Rod. The rookie, now known as Jeff Ayres, is shown here with his Christmas jersey. This was probably the last time the Blazers were invited to play in the NBA's premium Christmas Day showcase, unfortunately. Ayres hasn't played in the league in a few years, but has kept active professionally in other leagues around the world.

Before I stopped collecting cards (think early '90s), I had no idea Action Packed made anything but football cards. Discovering their baseball stuff and, more recently, their Hall of Fame focused basketball sets has been a treat.

I never saw Damian Lillard play in college, so this card is one of those snippets in time that is a new experience for me. For all I know, Dame traveled to this planet on a spaceship and woke up one morning in the middle of a field with a Blazers jersey on.

We switch sports here. This is another gem from the early '90s that I had never laid eyes on before. This was around the time that Kodak also lent their name to the brand new Topps Stadium Club brand, in an attempt to give it an air of premium...ness.

Even if I didn't collect all things Heritage, I am quite certain I would be interested in this Deckle Edge insert set from 2018, modeled after a set from 1969 as usual.

Finally, is this a real guy? Scott... Hurst? I am not always great with the prospects, but if Baseball Reference says he exists, I guess he exists.

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The Lost Collector said...

Action Packed always made some cool cards.