Monday, November 5, 2018

Actual Baseball Cards

Getting back to baseball posts thanks to @marcbrubaker and some Cardinals goodies. 

I'm not sure I can handle the long four months before Spring Training, but it's not like I have a choice. I still have a ton of baseball cards lined up to post about, including this bunch from Remember The Astrodome. I actually received these back in late August, when there was still lots of hope for the Cardinals season.

I bought a lot of cards this summer, but I don't feel like I actually took down any team sets. A Pujols Cardinals card in 2018 is a nice sight, however. This is one of the so-called short prints from the Topps Archives set. I'm only skeptical about calling these short prints, because there are so few of them and the odds don't make them a tough pull. If you do the math on these, I'm not sure that they are any tougher to get. This reminds me of some of the questionable math on Allen & Ginter's SPs over the years.

Here's a terrific shot of the newly crowned Gold Glove Award winner (9th time!) I'm bummed that Kolten Wong didn't win one, and that Harrison Bader wasn't even nominated.

Here's a shiny Waino refractor from a couple of years ago. Wainwright just signed a heavily incentive-laden deal to return for another season. I'm hoping it works out for him and the team, because he's always been fun to watch when things are working right.

Finally, it's a full-sized white jersey swatch from this year's Allen & Ginter set. Marcell Ozuna struggled with shoulder issues virtually all season long. As with all things baseball, let's hope for better fortunes next year!


  1. the Molina Club is just fantastic. i've started keeping a few of his cards when pulled. i dont have the space for another player collection but a few for the binder is always good.

  2. Agree with Julie. Love, love, love the action shot.

  3. It is a fantastic card, that Molina card.


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