Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Trade with a Fellow Cardinal Collector

I should do this more often. 

Reader David, also a fan of the Birds on the Bat, hit me up a couple of months ago with a trade proposal. You can check out his want list on the still alive and kicking Zistle, if you've got some Cardinals you are looking to offload. I have tons and tons and tons of Cardinals extras, so it would be really helpful to my shrinking storage situation if I traded with more Cards fans. Feel free to hit me up if you're one of those.

David hit me up with an excellent PWE, which included a couple of Cards cards from last year's Topps Gallery set. I never mess with Walmart exclusives, so it's always nice when someone sends me these.

I'm not a big fan of the recent Topps artwork-based sets, but this is a pretty life-like rendition of the former Cardinal Randal (with one L) Grichuk.

Topps Chrome Update is just a retail cash grab, but people tend to open up the wallets a little wider later in the year, and shiny retail exclusives are hard for me to resist. This is one of the inserts from 2016's Chrome Update (or is that Update Chrome?)

Keeping with the former Cardinal theme, Magneuris Sierra is here on a rainbow foil parallel from last year's Topps Update set. He's in the Marlins system now and the jury is still out on him as an actual player.

Finally, here's Bruce Sutter in the classic baby blue jersey. I was just reminded that these were called "Victory Blues" back in the day. The Cardinals are bringing these back (or a version of these, anyway) on a limited basis next year. As for Sutter, well, he's a little sweaty.


  1. I'd hardly say it's still kicking when it doesn't have any 2018 sets listed.

    The whole Zistle saga makes me angry, but more than that it just makes me SAD. Nothing gold can stay.

  2. Definitely some nice cards. Especially that Stan card. Good stuff.


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