Thursday, November 14, 2019

A Cardinals for Cardinals Exchange

Even Lance Berkman approves. 

Some good news of late for the longtime Cardinals fans, such as yours truly: Adam Wainwright is coming back in 2020, and it looks like Yadier Molina may be up for sticking around longer than next season. In other good news, another huge Cardinals fan that has a baseball card blog sent me another batch of his dupes-that-were-my-needs. Let's get a few glimpses of what I got from All Cardinals All The Time this time around.

All Cardinals All The Time houses one of the biggest Ray Lankford collections around, as far as I can tell, so it's always exciting when one of the lesser known Lankford dupes heads my way. I have loved the Slurpee discs since I was a little kid when they used to put rock bands on them, so these are always a treat even if they don't fit into my collection.

Here's a young Matt Carpenter with the official RC shield on it. Even though Carpenter is still one of my key "PC" guys, I had managed to forget that he wore #19 in his debut season with St. Louis and wrongly assumed it was a weird Topps Photoshop thing. (I mean, it's still probably Photoshopped somehow, but the uniform number is accurate.)

I'm not all that familar with the Walmart reboot of Topps Gallery, but how are these Artist Proofs any different than the base cards, aside from the extra stamp? At least when they did this with Stadium Club, they attempted to make the cards look sort of special. Marcell Ozuna looks to be testing the free agent waters after a couple of productive but somewhat frustrating seasons with the Cardinals. I wouldn't be shocked if he came back, though, but it seems 50/50 at this point.

Luke Weaver still seems like he'll probably be a pretty good pitcher for many years to come, but it's comforting to see what Jack Flaherty has turned into, five years after this card was produced.

Cool stuff, as always, from ACATT. There's more like this to come!

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