Thursday, November 7, 2019

Stacked and Jonesin'

A couple of small envelopes from @cardboardjones and @realwesmoore in an overdue post. 

The trade post machine rolls on with a couple of offerings I received back in August. First up are some cards I picked up from Steve of Tridents and Trading Cards. I had a bunch of extra Blazers cards that needed a new home, and was hooked up with a few things as a thank you.

I pretty much have a complete run of Topps Cardinals base cards since the inception of this blog (circa 2008) until the present, but for some reason there were some weird holes that popped up around 2012. This Mitchell Boggs card from the Update Series was formerly one of those needs, and I believe I still need Kyle McClellan's card from the same set. I'm sure I have plenty of parallels of each, but apparently not the base. Weird.

If I recall, this package was one of my first introductions to the 2019 Allen & Ginter set. It's not bad. This trio of Cardinals certainly helped.

Here's another one of those weird cards from 2012 that fell through the cracks. No longer! All of the different golden inserts/parallels from this set sort of blend together to me. Overall, I feel like 2012 Topps was a weaker follow-up to a genuinely exciting 2011. (Also, the Cardinals won the World Series that year, so has to help.)

I also got Stacked by the Pancake King! If you don't know who this is, you probably haven't been stacked yet. Follow the clues and let me know where that leads you.

This was an odd, but fun coupling. We pair Caleb "Biggie" Swanigan on his Panini Status rookie card with a much more notable ball player.

It's Joe Torre, on a card I've never seen in my life. It's actually numbered to 1500, from the days when card companies would add serial numbers to only a portion of their main set. It feels wrong to see the modern Cardinals logo on a B&W photo of Torre from his playing days, but that's really my only gripe here.


  1. I remember how much trouble I had with those partially serial numbered sets when I got back into card collecting. For whatever reason I just couldn't figure them out, I kept thinking that they had to be parallels of some sort, but no, it was just a weird thing that someone thought of while I was away. It is kind of odd about the logo too, it doesn't seem like it would've required that much effort to use the one from his time there.

  2. That Torre is cool. I was out of the hobby when that card was made, but I gotta think people were paying top dollar to try and obtain all of those short printed serial numbered cards for their set.

  3. Nice little "stack" there. I've got to get some Panini Status singles, they look like an updated Skybox set IMO.

    Topps Update singles are often tough to track down - especially those middle relievers. Hope you're able to complete the recent run of Cardinals.


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