Monday, March 23, 2020

The Card Community Sends Cards

Cards from @CommunityGum to pass the time, because there's a lot of time right now. 

I know whenever I see Jon from Community Gum's name on an envelope, it's time to drop everything and tear into some exciting baseball cards. This time was no exception. Another vast assortment of Cardinals cards and set needs were among the many cool cards I got to thumb through. Andrew Miller and a couple of friends represented the tough-to-find 2019 Walgreen's-exclusive yellow Topps card crowd, and there was certainly more to look at.

This black bordered mini of the Wizard? Not too shabby. Ozzie certainly seems impressed.

There was not one, but...

Two! Two low numbered Scott Rolen inserts from a long forgotten mid-'00s Donruss set. Ah ah ah!

Harrison Bader makes an appearance on a dazzling don't-call-it-an-X-Fractor Prizm parallel. (Seriously, what do they call this, then?)

I call this one the swirly-dirly parallel. Yes, that's its official name!

No scan will tell you how wonderful the Topps retro/throwback parallels are. You just have to see (and feel) them for yourself. I want all of these, seriously.

I recognize this one as one of those Trading Card History inserts from back in 2008, except in Chrome and Bronze form. Nice!

This one may be headed to my Blazers binders, but I was absolutely thrilled that Jon tapped into my 2010-11 Donruss basketball needs. I haven't touched that want list in years, and it desperately needed some attention.

Remember basketball? I miss basketball.

But I miss baseball most of all, especially this time of the year. I even miss Mike Trout, the big lug. Jon also sent a nice stack of 2019 Ginter needs, and with all of this extra time inside I probably should give my sets and collections even more attention. Just don't let me start collecting anything else!

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  1. I focused a lot of my collect attention on last year's Topps flagship and Chrome set, because I love that design... and today was the first time I've even heard about those throwback logo parallels. Very cool.


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