Thursday, March 26, 2020

What Else Am I Going to Do?

Another #CrackinWaxMailDay brings the goods from a couple of daily breaks. 

I'm still trying to get used to my new morning routine, which somehow now includes checking Crackin' Wax for their new daily group breaks. This probably isn't the smartest use of my funds considering the challenges everyone is going through, but it's a nice distraction from other more important things going on in life.

These breaks are more on the affordable side of the spectrum. One of the two that I bought into last week was the 2013 Panini Select set. I knew I'd be happy with whatever was pulled, because I only had a base card or two from this set. I was able to significantly increase these numbers by the looks of things here.

A Yadi Prizm (aka refractor) was pulled, just for good measure. These look nice, as expected.

I also took a flyer on a 2019 Panini Donruss dual mega box break, which is something that surprised even me. However, I still needed a few cards from the base team set and... hey, look, now I have them all! For some reason I'd happened into something like five of the variation card of Justin Williams, but not this version until now.

As mentioned, this was some sort of "mega box", which means retail exclusives galore. I didn't pull (or rather Crackin' Wax didn't pull) any of the so-called pink fireworks exclusives for me, but I did land this regular pink holo Yadi. It was a good day for new Yadi cards, that's for sure!

I did manage to land a hit, and not of some ex-prospect who never panned out. Unfortunately, it's a Cleveland Baseball Club card as they were one of my randomly assigned teams. However, you could do a lot worse than this, and it's numbered to just 25.

I'll probably enter some of these, as long as they keep running. I've even been popping into the live chatroom when I can. Apparently this is what I do now.


  1. That is an awesome Asdrubal Cabrera autograph! Is it up for trade? What other Indians did you get in the break?

  2. It is up for trade for sure. I also pulled a few base Indians cards from the 2013 Select set.

  3. I have been gathering cards for you, and I received the envelope of cards from you. It was a great surprise! However, I ripped your address and need it again. Can you email it to me at steeltim120276 AT


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