Saturday, April 11, 2020

This Week in Breaks

Another week, another batch of @crackinwax #CrackinWaxMailDay group breaks. 

Crackin' Wax has increased its amount of daily group breaks of late, so I've been trying to be more judicious in how I pick my spots. Here are just a few highlights of some of last week's breaks, which included 2018 Topps Fire, 2018 Donruss Optic and 2017 Panini Chronicles.

Panini drives me crazy with their sort of vaguely colored parallels, but this one is unmistakably bronze. Honestly, the worst thing for me is trying to figure out pink vs. purple vs. blue, but I have been told that I'm a bit colorblind, even though I don't really understand it.

Panini Chronicles is a strange product with a very small base set. Still, I needed this Yadi card from its debut offering. I'm wishing I had bought more of the 2019 stuff before it disappeared. There again wasn't a ton to offer the Cardinals fan, but it seemed like there was a Vlad Jr. and/or a Pete Alonso in every pack.

My hits o' the week were both from my randomly assigned Brewers slot in the Chronicles break. Here's a really nice looking sparkly jersey auto of Lewis Brinson, numbered to 99. He's spent the past couple of seasons with the Marlins and hasn't quite figured out how to hit, which seems to be a pretty crucial element of being a professional baseball player at the highest level.


The other pull was an expired redemption of another offensively challenged Brewers player. At least he's a current starter with the team. I submitted this to Panini and am kind of hoping they send me a different card, although I'll try and make sure it finds its way to a Brewers fan if I actually get this one.


  1. Don't care for the team/player, but that Brinson is cool!

  2. If Panini can't come through with that auto, I'm guessing that you won't have too much trouble replacing it with a Cardinal, so it might end up working out really well for you!


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