Wednesday, November 4, 2020

A Post-Election Day PWE Roundup

Counting those ballots with @dvdgao @BucsHere and more! 
Let's just say we're going on two days now of being on the edge of our seats. In the mean time, let's check out a few small envelopes that came in back in August, which both seems like yesterday and far away at the same time.

Fellow Cards fan David hit me back with an eclectic mix of cards (and some cool Cardinal stationary) after he snagged a spot in my last free group break here. I'd like to squeeze at least one more of those in before the end of the year, considering that we're still in a mostly "stuck at home" situation and certain card supplies have come down to slightly more reasonable prices of late. Melancon was another set need (i.e. non-Cardinals need.)

Every once in awhile a Bowman Draft card will surprise me, and you can count this card among them. This is primarily because I have no idea who Nick Dunn is. This is kind of cool, because Topps (and, sure, Panini) tends to put the same five prospects in all of their products, which is super annoying. There are a lot of baseball players out there!

Upper Deck had put out it's Victory set for a few years at this point as what I understand to be another budget priced offering that sort of continued on when Collector's Choice was ended. This final set from 2003 decided to be printed in the TCG/CCG style for some reason. I think there might have been a game here as well, but it wasn't very obvious. This is one of the apparently short-printed subset cards.

Here's a Chrome refractor of the former Cardinals closer celebrating with the hopefully not former Cardinals catcher. Great card, though.

Prizm's version of refractors are officially called Prizms, which is confusing because the set is (sometimes) called Prizm. So technically, this is a Prizm Prizm. That never caught on, though, so most people call them Silver now... which is not any less confusing considering the cards are, by default, silver in appearance. I hate Panini.

Next up are a couple of really nice parallels from Kevin of The Diamond King. I've never been a big fan of pink cards, but the Pink Fireworks design is just crazy enough that it sort of works.

Although the fireworks are nothing to sneeze at, I was really blown away with this numbered-to-25 orange Matt Carpenter card from the 2017 Topps Gallery set. The art is actually... impressive?! Using the old Bowman design here probably helps it a bit.

The last but certainly not least power packed envelope came from The Bucs Stop Here. This one came chockful of set needs, including last year's Allen & Ginter offering.

Giraffe Calf! It rhymes, and it's cute! I have been really fascinated with baby animals that look almost exactly like miniature versions of their parent animals lately for some weird reason. (See also: elephants.) I've also spent a fair amount of my Saturday mornings this year watching BBC America, which turns into an all-day animal show extravaganza.

Trevor Bauer is surely some kind of wonder.

My big priority set for the year has unfortunately fallen by the wayside a bit, but it's still nice to document a few more pickups from the 2020 Turkey Red project. I haven't looked into whether or not this is continuing into the soon-to-be-released Update set, but I lost a lot of steam when Series 2 blasters became scarce. Stupid LouBob.

These Cardinal Turkey Reds are heading straight to the team binders, though. Actually, Ozzie has his own binder. He gets special treatment apparently.


  1. It's kinda crazy... but it seems like you started that TR set last year or something... but it's only a 2020 set.

  2. I know that it's a fairly common shot, but the Musial Turkey sure is nice.

  3. The Ozzie Smith picture feels a little odd with the leg kick. I don't remember him ever doing that.


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