Friday, November 20, 2020

Free Stuff Friday: Vol 12

Come and get it. #FreeStuffFriday  [UPDATED 3:50 PM PST 11/22/2020]
I've got more stuff. Please check the rules here if you haven't claimed anything before. Click or tap to zoom in for a closer look. [CLAIMED: McNeil, Lindor, Morgan]

I have more Allen & Ginter doubles this time around. Like most card sets this year, I wasn't able to find or buy a whole lot of it, but I have documented what I have here in case you need to purge or have a huge need to find something to send me and none of my other want lists are working out. Also pictured: some Topps Gallery Twins with goofy facial expression. [CLAIMED: deGrom, Piazza, Willis Tower]

This is a hodgepodge of stuff I got from box breaks. Billy Hamilton is a refractor. Hey, it's Earl Weaver! [CLAIMED: Robinson, Weaver, Lewis]

I talked about this set a little bit earlier this week. It's not my favorite. [CLAIMED: Kim x2, Lindor, Civale, Edman, Flaherty x1]

Other sports! A few late '70s Blazers dupes in various conditions (feel free to inquire further about any particular card to see if it might be an upgrade to your set or something.) I also included the bulk of this pack that I posted at APTBNL last week, aside from a couple cards I set aside for others, as I don't really do football. [CLAIMED: Jones]

Thomas and Mayfield are green parallels. [CLAIMED: Boyd, Mayfield, Wilson]

The rest of the football, plus some Bowman Chrome (including a few mega box cards... didn't know that was a thing) and a Teddy Ballgame 2020 Update insert. [CLAIMED: Williams, Higgins, Rutledge]

Minis and minis. None of these have fancy backs. [CLAIMED: Greinke x1, Giolito x1]

Spooky. [CLAIMED]

Thanks for reading, and let me know if anyone else is still doing free stuff day(s).


  1. Black A&G Brooks Robinson, Absolute Foitball- Bengals Tyler Boyd. Thanks.

  2. Would love to get the A&G Mets--deGrom, Piazza, McNeil. Thanks much!

  3. Would like one of the Topps Gallery Kims.

  4. Hi Kerry. Ted Williams numbers game please and thanks!

  5. May I claim the Francisco Lindor A&G, Joe Morgan A&G, Earl Weaver A&G, Francisco Lindor Topps Gallery, Aaron Civale Topps Gallery, and Baker Mayfield Score please? Thanks for all you do for the hobby.

  6. Daniel jones, Russell wilson, monsters mini,

  7. I'll claim one each of the Greinke and Giolito T206 minis if they're still available. Also wanted to thank you for the spoils from the last Free Stuff Friday -- your PWE showed up today. Thanks again, kind sir!

  8. Topps Gallery Edman, Kim and Flaherty. Thanks!

  9. Loved the PWE! The shiny Posey was awesome! Thank you! Be sure to checkout new PICKS coming over Thanksgiving weekend. :)

  10. Can I claim the Willis Tower, Rutledge, and Royce Lewis? Thanks!

  11. This has been updated. Still some stuff left.


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