Wednesday, December 16, 2020

An At-Cost Group Break (Results)

A few glimpses from a @stoffer81 & @pjpizzaman1 group break. 
Cards are expensive! Although I did find a little bit of cards for sale tonight at a retail outlet for the first time since July, purchasing once readily available products in stores at actual retail prices has been virtually impossible all year. (I know this is no shocking news to most of my readers.) That's why I was beyond appreciative that a couple of good Twitter follows hosted an "at-cost" retail group break featuring a variety of products. I'm just showing off a few of the Cardinals I ended up with as there's not a lot of new things out that people haven't seen before. (I'm also giving my scanner a rest for today. It's tired.)

I knocked off two more pesky Bowman Chrome cards from the want list thanks to the break, including one of the mega box exclusive parallels of Elehuris Montero.

Each 2020 Topps Update blaster comes with a "commemorative" card. It's not really fair to call these manupatches anymore, because they rarely seem to contain anything resembling a uniform anymore. The coins are a fairly neat idea, though. I was lucky to get a Yadi out of this given that there's only one per box, but upon flipping the card over you can see that it's a bit special.

It is, in fact, a gold parallel, number 26 of 50. If anyone has the unnumbered version of this an isn't attached to it, I would definitely be interested.

Bowman Platinum isn't really my thing because, let's face it, Walmart isn't really my thing. I have a strange sort of interest in this year's design, which as many have mentioned seems to have 1992 Fleer in its bloodline. To pull a signed card out of a retail product is usually a pretty rare thing, so I once again feel very fortunate to have ended up with this sticker auto of one the Cards top prospects Zack Thompson.

I also ended up with a bunch of Dodgers cards as my second, randomly assigned team. Those cards are largely in the process of being reassigned to more appropriate collectors now.

It's very clear that I'm going to have to change my collecting habits and strategies in 2021. Getting in good with guys who have access to this kind of stuff at such a reasonable price seems like a great place to start.


  1. having those connections for cheap breaks is a good start! in recent years, i had a seller connection who would sell several packs from new releases, along with 'bonus' cards, at a very reasonable price, but he has been boxed out of the market in 2020.

  2. Cheap breaks are great. Been really good sources of cards this year. Yadi in baby blue is nice.


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