Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Extra Big Mac

More group break stuff from @Nachos_Grande includes a healthy dose of the former single season home run record holder. 
Group breaks have taken up a much larger share of the content here at Cards on Cards, but my means to acquire new cards have pretty much been forced down that path. They can still be fun, though. One of the most cost effective ways is to join up with a smaller breaker who can give you a break on shipping fees instead of any of the numerous for-profit breakers that are starting to dominated the trading card landscape at the moment. Of course, longtime community blogger Nachos Grande is one of those smaller breakers who runs a Facebook group where you can sign up for as many breaks as you want and just have things shipped when you feel like it. This latest bunch of cards is the last batch before his first "breaker's club" breaks of the year. (If that sounds at all intriguing to you, you should check out his group.)

One of the nice things about buying into late '90s breaks as a Cardinals fan is that you're going to get a disproportionate amount of Mark McGwire cards. There was a lot of cardboard space (cardspace?) dedicated to Big Mac in 1999. It looks like he left a little bit of room for Fernando Tatis (Sr.) to sneak in there, though.

This one is also from the 1999 SPx set, but it's a fancy numbered parallel. McGwire may be a tarnished baseball hero, but he still has a significant following amongst collectors. A copy of one of his cards that's limited to 100 is nothing to sneeze at.

From the always strange Bowman Platinum line comes this Yadier Molina parallel. Walmart exclusive sets usually aren't among my favorites, although the base design for this 2020 set was at least somewhat memorable.

A lot of the box breaks at Nachos Grande are of older sets, which is usually pretty intriguing to me. At some point Fleer tried to revive the SkyBox brand name and produced this apparently all-die cut set. I do love the throwback uniform here.

This card is significantly less visually appealing, but it seems to be some sort of silver parallel as it's numbered to just 299.

I'm always up for a Pacific box break. I feel like I've been searching eBay auctions for decades for something fun to open from Pacific but have never quite pulled the trigger.

Two of the breaks were from then-current year sets (Heritage, Allen & Ginter) where I actually was able to add some stuff to my set builds. Those are a bit boring to talk about, but I did like this Andre Dawson insert even if his photo is reduced to such a small portion of the card. I do like the design, but wish they could have left more room for the actual subject of the card.


  1. Wow, that Radiance is pretty sweet. I have 1200+ different McGwires and none of those. I also quite like the Dawson!

  2. Sweet McGwire. Can you imagine how hot that card would have been when this product first came out? Congratulations!

  3. That Radiance is really pretty, but the person on the card leaves a little to be desired though.


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