Friday, November 18, 2022

Printing Plate Surprise

Hoopsters, a stack of Heritage baseball needs and something unique from a long time trader. 
It's been a pretty good year for me as far as my basketball card collection goes. It was never a big focus of my overall goals, but once they really took away the opportunity to buy basketball cards in stores (thanks in large part due to hype over certain rookie cards), I've really appreciated the basketball cards that I am able to get. Thanks to fellow traders like buckstorecards, as well as online sales and TCDB trades, my hoops collection is alive and well. Let's look at the buckstorecards envelope that came over here back in June.

As basketball card prices continued to escalate, the Panini sticker sets continued to provide an opportunity to get the latest players at reasonably prices. I know stickers aren't for everybody, but I enjoy them. If only we could find some appealing way to display them in binders without peeling them.

The recent sticker packs also come with full-sized cards. This one is a bronze parallel and is numbered to 99!

The bulk of the package was a big chunk of 2022 Topps Heritage cards. I was able to finish off the non-SP base set long before High Numbers came out this year, something I am very proud of.

The finishing touch comes in the form of this printing plate of former Ducks star Reuben Droughns. Droughns was the lead back on the 1998 and 1999 Ducks teams that went to the Aloha Bowl and Sun Bowl, respectively.

The card is a yellow plate from the 2005 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects set. I only own a few printing plates, so it was really cool to see this one pop up in the mail as a surprise.


  1. Wish they would bring back Complete basketball cards. That has to be one of the first printing made - Did not know they went back to 2005

  2. I bought a huge collection at the flea market about a decade ago and the previous owner had a ton of Droughns cards. In fact... he's the one player that stands out from that collection. I think I sold most of the base, but I'll see if I have any inserts, parallels, or rookies left. If so, I'll send them your way.

  3. Real disappointed in the jacked up Panini Basketball prices. $15 for a 15 card pack?!? Bought one and had instant regret.


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