Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Miscellany

Am I back on the Eagles bandwagon after last night's big win? Should I be? I haven't had a lot of fun watching NFL games this season and it's not entirely the Eagles fault. Last night's game just reaffirmed the obvious: if Brian Westbrook is not healthy, the Eagles will fall apart. Otherwise, they're a pretty good team. Smith and Jones here are a couple of cards I got from the nickel bin at the card show I went to last weekend. Spike Jones is not this guy (too young) or this guy (too old) so he'll have to settle for 3rd-Most Talented Spike Jones.

Here are a couple of 1984 Fleer Cardinals, just because. I begged and begged for a Starter jacket like Rayford's when I was younger and finally got one just as the satiny-puffy jacket thing in baseball was fading away. Mike Ramsey just looks like a hell of a dude. I bet Rayford and Ramsey would make a great crime fighting duo.

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