Monday, November 17, 2008


The voters got it right, for once. Albert Pujols was named the NL MVP earlier today- much earlier, in fact, but I work late and didn't have time to post something before I went to work. Well, some of them got it right, anyway. Whoever voted Pujols 7th, however, seriously needs to be disqualified for voting for anything again, ever. I'm not just talking about silly old sports-related awards, either. Really, the voting should not have been as close as it was. Even if you are "not a numbers kind of guy/girl" I still don't understand how you can say that someone else was better at baseball than Albert Pujols in 2008.

Then again, I wonder if Albert himself has anything to say about who deserved the award this year. Hmm...

Well, I suppose you can go see for yourself. (Beware, it's an ESPN link.)

(Edit: Okay, it's this guy who voted Pujols 7th. Nice. It looks like plenty of people have already let him know how they feel.)


Erin said...

I still want to have a chat with these "I'm not a numbers kind of guy/girl/whatever..." Track one down for me, will you?

Erin said...

And oh yeah.


And where's the Yadi post for Gold Glove? (Even though we both agree of all years, this wasn't his. Make up award? Eh.)

madding said...

I had a post planned for Yadi, but I'm still too irritated by the awards voting in general. I can live with Glaus not winning, but it's not acceptable that Adrian Gonzalez beat out Pujols for Gold Glove.