Sunday, November 9, 2008

Token Weekly Blazers Post

Last night I went to the Timberwolves/Blazers game at the Rose Garden and was browsing the team shop when I noticed plastic snap-cases full of Blazers cards. They had the ridiculous price tag of $8.00 on them and promised 50 "collectable cards" of "assorted brands and years." Basically, they put the best (most recent) cards on the outside and threw a bunch of junk in the middle. Still, with the Blazers struggling late in the 2nd quarter, I made a pact with myself to buy the little box of cards if the Blazers pulled off a win. And that's exactly what happened, because the Card Gods really want to take away all of my money. I thought about posting a Blazers card each day after a Portland win, but decided that 2 or 3 Blazers post in a given week would be way too obnoxious, especially for a blog that is supposedly primarily about the St. Louis Cardinals baseball franchise. 1 will be bad enough, but I feel like I have to do this for some reason. So for now, you get the Token Weekly Blazers Post, and a corresponding number of cards for each victory in the past week. Hopefully I will run out of cards to post by the time the season is over (if not before!) which should ensure the Blazers their first playoff spot since 2003.

Portland went 2-1 this week, dropping a frustrating game in Utah on Wednesday to the always frustrating Jazz. Thursday night's win over Houston, however, is quickly becoming known as the "greatest Blazer game ever" amongst talk show hosts and the people that like to call them. It was great, but was it THAT great? Probably not. I think it could make a serious run at the Top 10 or possibly 5, but you're talking about a low-stakes game in early November. Anyway, the game has already been talked about to death, so if you want to read more you can check out this article from the Bangkok Post. I don't think the Bangkok Post gets linked enough, don't you think? Last night was the aforementioned Minnesota game, Portland's first against a non-playoff team. The defense effort was lackluster for most of the game, but the home crowd (that's me!) helped the team seemingly recapture some energy down the stretch.

About the cards: I think the 08-09 design works a lot better for the Blazers when the cards are horizontal, like Roy's is. The Steve Smith card is hideous looking, however. I loved Steve Smith as a player (and they got rid of J.R. Rider for him!), but check out the 80's Macintosh-style lettering in Smitty's name. Was the baseball design from this year anything like this? I don't think I've seen it.

Baseball posts for the rest of the week - I promise.


dayf said...

I've always been tempted by those 50 cards for 8 bucks packs too. The price is easier to swallow when you're jonesing for cardboard and they are charging 5 bucks for a retail pack of Topps.

I like the basketball posts, so go ahead and show off those Blazers!

Erin said...

You told me that Houston game was one of the best games you'd ever seen.

Erin said...

Wait -- "greatest basketball game..." were your words.

Brian said...

I think I caught Steve Smith on NBA TV the other day. He definitely goes in the "good guys" category in (my) retrospect. Was he branded a "poison" by Canzano?

madding said...

He probably was. Canzano also thinks that Walton is the Greatest Blazer of All-Time and that Brian Wheeler is the best Blazers announcer ever by far.