Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Waking Up From An Eight-Year Nightmare


I was busy on Election Night, so I didn't have a lot of time to update the blog. Many others had entertaining Election-themed posts yesterday, and probably will today, so I encourage you to check them out. Start with the links I have on the sidebar and work your way through the links that those guys have. Good stuff.

I have been working on my want lists/trade lists at long last. You'll be able to see them creep up along the sidebar as time progresses. Eventually I will posts my official rules for trades and the like, but in the meantime I am still always up for blind team trades.


--David said...

I agree the past 8 years have been a nightmare. However, I'm afraid (to use a quote) we've "awakened from a nightmare only to find the nightmare all around (us)."

I'm glad we live in a country where we are free to choose (well, sorta given the current electoral college arrangement) our leader: black, white, hispanic, you name it.

Change is gonna come. Let's hope the change does not include what it means to be an "American..."

Spiff said...

Well, I prefer to stick with cards but since you opened the subject.

The past eight years have not been the best. We are about to see the worst. If you listened to Obama during the campaign (precious few did) you know full well that he is a socialist. He wants to socialize healthcare and redistribute the wealth. Not allegations, his own words. He also wants a hasty withdrawl from Iraq. Whether or not we should be there is no longer an issue. We are there. To lose the war on purpose like we did in Vietnam will send the same message that we did when we lost there on purpose.

While the past eight years may not have gone smoothly we ain't seen nothing yet. Not only will the what it means to be an American change, what America means will change. There will be plenty of change but I fear precious little hope.

Erin said...

Spiff --

You make me laugh. But not in a good way. The same people that called Obama a socialist are now claiming he is a republican.

Seriously now. Can you recount all the ridiculous labels Obama has adorned!? They're meant to scare people. And obviously you've taken the bait.

I don't think you understood his health care plan.

Redistributing the wealth ... are you aware that Gov. Palin could be accused of the same thing? Up there in Alaska, that is... ;)

He NEVER said he wants a 'hasty' withdrawal from Iraq. Did you see how he refrained from pinning down a specific number of days in his plan? This is because he wants a SAFE withdrawal. (And since he has sense about him -- he's not going to just yank anyone out of Iraq after ___ days!)

Maybe you should move to Canada since you seem to think America is going to hell. Though I guess you'll whine up there, too, given their health care system.

Seems like you're the one that hasn't been listening. Maybe too much Fox News.

Sorry Kerry -- but you know me. I had to respond.

madding said...

Don't worry, I ordinarily stick to cards. I had to make an exception for something so monumental. I would have made a post with McCain's card had he won, though my feelings about his potential presidency were obviously different.

Anyway, there is a place for political debate, but it's not here. The last I'll say on the subject is the following:

-- To David, I have not been proud to be an American for quite some time now, so in that sense I really do hope the new presidency can change what being an American means.

-- To Spiff, well, see my above comments to David. And if caring about the welfare of the working class makes one a socialist, then sign me up for that club.

-- To Erin, yikes!