Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Trading with Saints of the Cheap Seats

Trading cards with people is a great way to break up the monotony of bills, chain letters and the endless barrage of Comcast ads. I just received my end of a quick trade with Danny from Saints of the Cheap Seats a couple of days ago, and promptly took the rest of the day's mail, threw it on the ground and stomped on it. I sent (okay, am sending! I forgot to get his package out before the holiday...) some cards his way off his want list and he sent me a few extra Allen & Ginter cards that I needed for my set as well as a nice bonus selection of random Cardinals. Check out my A&G want list on the sidebar, by the way, if you've got any doubles you don't feel like hoarding.

Anyway, I'm sure you're all tired of seeing the A&G cards, so here's a few of the Cardinals goodies instead.

1972 Topps - Tommy Harper/Lou Brock League Leaders (Okay, so it's badly miscut and has a huge crease running down the middle. That's alright, though, cause it's Lou Brock!)

Ultra - Joe McEwing (Let's play Name That Ultra Year again, alright? Actually, I've already started sorting these cards into my binders and I'm too lazy to look for it at the moment. McEwing's nickname was Little Joe, but I always thought of him as Little Mac.)

1998 Donruss Preferred - Brian Jordan (Another goofy looking "futuristic" 90s design that probably shouldn't have made its way out of the design meetings.)

Ultra - Edgar Renteria (Edgar might be coming back to St. Louis. I'm fine with that if a big glove can be added to the middle infield mix as well.)

1999 Pacific - Luis Ordaz (I completely forgot this guy existed. I wonder if there are any Luis Ordaz player collectors out there.)

1996 Pinnacle - Brian Barber (Finally, proof that Brian Barber actually played in the majors. Well, sort of. He's still wearing a St. Petersburg uniform that he donned for about 35 years on the front of this card, but allegedly has major league stats on the back. I'm just curious about him because I have at least a dozen of his rookie cards but never remember him as a player.)

1996 Upper Deck - Dennis Eckersley (The back of this card looks a lot better than the front. I was glad when Duncan and La Russa brought over Eck from the A's even though he was past his glory years.)

Make sure you check out Saints of the Cheap Seats, particularly this post about Michael Eisner slicing up history. It's a good read. Meanwhile, I'll make sure that package is in the mail soon.

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Danny said...

Thanks for the nice comments, and sorry about the creased card. I have two of those, and that is the one that is least creased. I have more to send soon, so look for something around the holidays.