Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Heritage for Me

I picked up my first Heritage box (edit: it's a blaster) recently and was certainly not disappointed. This was a self-selected birthday present. I feel guilty for talking about this set so much, but it's very addicting.

Pack 1:
193 - David Murphy
305 - John Lackey
278 - Delwyn Young (not Delmon)
331 - Travis Hafner
35 - Adam LaRoche
487 - J.J. Hardy All-Star (SP)
94 - Chicago White Sox Black Back
415 - Freddy Sanchez Black Back

A nice pack to kick things off, as I only had a few of the All-Star cards previously. I didn't know any of the team cards came with the Black Back variation.

Pack 2:

95 - Buddy Carlyle
53 - Jim Edmonds
269 - Horacio Ramirez
279 - Kurt Suzuki
161 - Josh Fogg
293 - Edgar Renteria
420 - Noah Lowry

BF7 - Brooks Robinson Baseball Flashbacks

Maybe someday I will accept post-Cardinals Jim Edmonds cards into my collection, but that day hasn't come yet. I wonder how many people were around for the end of the game mentioned on Brooks Robinson's card. Unless that game factored into a pennant race, that must have been a seriously boring game.

Pack 3:

152 - Brian Bannister
281 - Raul Ibanez
361 - Joe Borowski
439 - Daniel Cabrera
13 - Billy Wagner
129 - Luke Hochevar (RC)

NF7 - Hawaii Becomes the 50th State
42 - Jason Jennings Black Back

I wonder if the Mets are starting to regret getting rid of guys like Bannister and Scott Kazmir. I also wonder how many cards Billy Wagner is going to have in 2009. I got another insert in this pack, which is nice.

Pack 4:

400 - Manny Ramirez
376 - Randy Johnson
106 - Troy Glaus
349 - Erik Bedard
6 - Jacoby Ellsbury
474 - Kevin Youkilis (SP)

332 - Howie Kendrick Black Back
264 - Shannon Stewart Black Back

Youk is my second SP of the box, but Smilin' Howie Kendrick gets the nod here for my chosen image. Randy Johnson has pitched for so long that they couldn't even fit the usual cartoon on the back of his card.

Pack 5:

289 - Brett Myers
374 - Kenny Lofton Baseball Thrills
164 - Gil Meche
113 - Orlando Hernandez
393 - Pittsburgh Pirates
343 - Tim Wakefield
334 - Matt Holliday

C54 - Tim Lincecum Chrome 1114/1959

Woo, shiny card! I'm going to send the Lincecum card to this guy unless someone beats me to the punch. Will the Cards make a serious run for Holliday? I doubt it, but I can dream, right?

Pack 6:

100 - Jack Cust
272 - Aaron Harang
162 - Garrett Atkins
112 - Corey Hart
382 - Coco Crisp
171 - Delmon Young (not Delwyn)

84 - Brad Penny
286 - Tony Gwynn (Jr.)

I probably mention this every time I pull a Cust card, but I got to see him play a ton in person for the Portland Beavers. I figured he and Jon Knott were eventually going to go the way of Bernardo Brito, but one day some guy that has a book written largely about him plucked him out of AAA purgatory and made him their starting DH. Brad Penny gets the nod here, however, because he just had his option declined the other day and Erin feels bad for him. This was the only pack without an insert or short print.

Pack 7:

1 - Vladimir Guerrero
17 - Jimmy's All-Stars - Wilson/Bay/Sanchez
39 - Joe Mauer

351 - Anthony Reyes
476 - Cleveland Indians
285 - Chad Billingsley
458 - Sean Casey (SP)
197 - Derrek Lee Black Back

These boxes seem to have a thing about waiting until the last pack to give me a Cardinal card. I hope Reyes can build on his late season success with Cleveland last season.

Bonus Pack:

HTCP10 - Ryan Howard
HTCP6 - Joey Votto
HTCP15 - David Ortiz
HTCP4 - Luke Hochevar

I bought this box at Target, so I get a bonus pack of 4 of the tebacky minis. I think that's the third Ryan Howard I've managed to get, unfortunately.

Well, there you have it. I'm far away from being at the point where I can think about buying singles for this set, but I might compile a want list/trade list this weekend just for fun.

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'Brad Penny gets the nod here...Erin feels bad for him.' This is similar to the collecting logic we often use. :) But Heritage is a really nice set.

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