Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can I Get A Headband?

The Blazers came up victorious tonight in the basketball endeavors, which means that you get to read about them instead of a baseball team that I don't really like. At the February card show, I made an effort to snag a few Blazers cards on the cheap. I've often complained about how the most worthless common Blazers cards can go for $1 around these parts if the subject is an active player, no matter what it is. This time around, however, there were a lot of people desperately trying to unload cards of certain players with recurring knee problems.

Much more surprising to me was how LaMarcus Aldridge, who was just crowned Western Conference Player of the Month, got dragged into this bargain bonanza. He was deep in the thick of the best two months of his basketball life, putting up routine MVP-caliber performances. I can understand the fire sale on Brandon Roy stuff. That same thing has been happening to Oden since his first microfracture surgery.

In any case, I seized the opportunity to pick up a few nice Aldridge rookies for a tiny price, and figured I'd grab a $1 Roy Finest rookie while I was at it. I'm hoping there is a similar depression surrounding Blazers cards in another week or so when I go to the show again. I'm not a huge fan of Turkey Red when it comes to basketball, incidentally. It just seems weird.

Also cheap? Franz Bread cards! I picked up two sealed team sets from the late Franz era at $1 a piece. This particular set came with two Steve Smith cards and was missing one of the cards, so I may not be totally done with it. Did anyone see the episode of Parks and Recreation with Detlef Schrempf on it last season?

I also grabbed myself a (this was pre-trading deadline) Dante Cunningham rookie card. He was probably my favorite reserve Blazer, but he was a casualty to the big Gerald Wallace trade. As was Nate McMillan's "no headbands" policy, apparently.

If you're curious about this post's title, by the way, you can look here and here... at your own peril, of course.

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TJ said...

Oh man, I remember Fred Meyer's having stacks of those cd's for sale way back when. I wish I would have picked one up.

The red bordered Turkey Red cards look fantastic when there's a Blazer on it.