Monday, March 21, 2011

Contest Update and a Trading Mission

64(ish) teams have now been cut down to 16, and there were many unexpected casualties. As a result, here's where we stand with the contest so far. TJ of All Your Base Cards... is our leader, leading both in total points and possible points. Possible points is the best indicator of who is actually in the lead, but he has things covered on both counts. Holding down 2nd place right now is Colbey of Cardboard Collections, but look out for BA Benny who has the second most possible points even though he's currently sitting in 8th overall. There was a late push for last place that saw The Lost Collector sink quickly to the bottom. Two-time defending last place "champ" AJ has to do a lot worse to defend his "crown" because his predicted champion, the San Diego State Aztecs, is still alive right now.

Some people like to start up "second chance" brackets after the round of 16 is finalized, but I'm not one of those people. Are you like me and feel like you have nothing to root for now that many of your teams have gone down in flames? You can still finish last! Like Duke to win the finals? Hope Duke pukes! Buckeyes more of your kind of thing? Go Cats go!

Meanwhile... hey Reeg, tell 'em what we got in the mail today:

Okay, maybe it was more like a week ago that I got this trade package from Nachos Grande. And maybe I didn't have the time or the knowhow to Photoshop Steve Gutenberg's likeness onto this card. But it's high time I got more focused on this trading and set collecting thing, and it started this month with a couple of trades that bring me a bit closer to completion with the 2010 Allen & Ginter set. My primary goal is to finish all of the reasonably attainable Allen & Ginter sets from 2008 through 2010 (base cards and short prints) before the next one comes out. That is my top priority right now.

There were a few short prints in the package along with a bunch of base and inserts, including Mr. Alexis Rios. I took what, in my mind, is a pretty big gamble by drafting Rios in my first draft this year. I've never considered him to be a great player, but he has the potential to help in multiple stat categories. I also didn't do much in the way of preparation for this thing. Oops.

This is a strange looking card to me. It seems like Jeter is playing with one of the doilies on the corner of the card while an army of dark clothed, faceless zombies cheer him on.

Also tucked into this package was a few Cardinals odds and ends. Just because I'm focused on finally building some of these sets to completion doesn't mean that I won't continue to gladly accept random Cardinals cards. Clayton is clearly already bored with spring and is ready for Opening Day to start, just like me.

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hiflew said...

I am pretty sure I will be giving the AJ a run for his money at last place unless UK beats Ohio State (a heart pick not a head pick).

Stupid Pittsburgh and their foul. Gawd!