Monday, March 7, 2011

The Radness Before the Radness

This might not be the brighest idea considering that I've only mailed out 2 of the 4 prize packs for my last contest, but it's almost March Radness time again. Next week will mark the Third Annual Cards on Cards March Radness contest where, in a completely original twist, participants will compete to pick the best bracket in hopes of winning something rather unrelated to college basketball. My goal once again is to sign up more participants than last year (18). I have another perhaps more important goal of actually mailing out the prize winnings before August. I think this contest's prizes will be scaled down in volume just a tad bit, but I still plan on having some good stuff available. There's a card show going down this weekend, so I plan on actually announcing all of the prizes before the contest actually gets underway.

Loyal reader and self-professed Only Remaining LeBron James Fan in the State of Ohio, Timothy, is our defending champion, while ex-Mothras hype man and misguided Dodgers fan AJ is a two-time last place finisher. I may have to consider disqualifying AJ from the last place "prize" this year.

Start filling out your brackets (mentally, of course) and watch this space for the sign-up post. I'll post the official announcement on Sunday after we find out who Oregon will be playing after winning 4 straight games in 4 days to knock Boston College out of a tournament spot.


cubsfan731 said...

I've picked March Madness brackets for different reasons each of the past four years. Maybe I can actually win something this year!

TSHenson said...

I am here to defend my title in the March Radness contest this year. And yes, I am the only Lebron James fan left in Ohio. I will look forward to your posting about the contest this coming weekend.