Monday, March 28, 2011

Heritage Blaster from the Past(er)

The 2007 version of Topps Heritage may not be the best looker at the Heritage ball, but Heritage is Heritage in my book. You can't blame it for being patterned after a dull set. It was just 1958's turn. This was actually my first introduction to the Heritage line, and despite the dull pictures, frustrating variations and usual crop of SPs, I am still trying to put together the set all the same. I haven't bought a ton of unopened product from this year, so unfortunately my want list is still rather long and heavily slanted towards the harder to find cards. You can still find blasters of this stuff online for less than original retail price, however, and I picked up one box of said blaster stuff.

Pack 1:
400 - Tadahito Iguchi (Last seen in MLB: 2008)
364 - Eliezer Alfonzo
39 - Mitch Maier

492 - Brad Penny All-Star (First card I needed, which non-coincidentally happens to be a short print.)

MHRC12 - Mickey Mantle Home Run Champion 12 (I'm collecting all of the inserts, but I make an exception for Mantle cards. They just don't fit. I blame the cumulative annoyance of having so many inserts in so many products all at once. If anyone needs any of these, I've got a few.)
44 - Washington Nationals
271 - Chris Coste (Last seen in MLB: 2009)
190 - Marcus Giles (Last seen in MLB: 2007)

Pack 2:
332 - Bernie Williams (Last seen in MLB: 2006 - although he did play in the WBC a couple of years ago.)
223 - Reed Johnson
350 - Gary Sheffield (Last seen in MLB: 2009)
160 - Richie Sexson (Last seen in MLB: 2008)

NP1 - Ryan Howard New Age Performers (This is kind of a goofy design, but I think I prefer it to some of the later inserts. Needed this one.)
457 - John Maine
188 - Dan Johnson

287 - Chris Carpenter (I have several of these already, but I had to show it because it's a Cardinal. I like the touch of vintage with the triangle background hooking up with the modern logo.)

Pack 3:
344 - Brad Lidge
128 - Willy Aybar (I don't remember him playing for Atlanta.)

65 - Chris Narveson (I also own lots of this card.)
173 - Austin Kearns

49 - Willy Taveras (Here's another needed SP. These fall at 1:2 packs, unlike the more recent sets where they're a more difficult 1:3 ratio.)
180 - Jeff Weaver
379 - Barry Zito
99 - Wes Helms

Pack 4:
462 - Joaquin Arias
37 - Billy Sadler (Last seen in MLB: 2009)
434 - Curtis Granderson
155 - Endy Chavez

FB7 - Eddie Yost Flashback
279 - Kevin Millar (Last seen in MLB: 2009)
126 - Michael Cuddyer
423 - Roy Oswalt

Pack 5:
301 - Placido Polanco (There he is again...)
265 - Jon Lester
66 - Matt Murton (Last seen in MLB: 2009)

357 - Eric Stults (Cross another SP off the list. Last seen in MLB: 2009)

ARHR73 - Alex Rodriguez Road to 500 #73 (Speaking of pointless inserts infiltrating everything...)
358 - John Lackey
115 - Jeremy Bonderman
314 - Braves Boss and Power: Bobby Cox/Chipper Jones

Pack 6:
368 - Travis Hafner
79 - Corey Patterson (I keep waiting for him to disappear and... nothing.)
421 - Chris Capuano
42 - Russell Martin

81 - Stephen Drew Yellow Team variation (The variation cards, which usually tend to either be a yellow team name or player name, are a bit tougher to pull at 1:6 packs.)
441 - James Loney
280 - Mark Grudzielanek
98 - Ryan Zimmerman

Pack 7:
209 - Angel Guzman (Last seen in MLB: 2009)
92 - David Wright
417 - Chris Young (the outfielder)
136 - Ray Durham (Last seen in MLB: 2008)

455 - Chien-Ming Wang (Last seen in MLB: 2009 - although he's been under contract with the Nationals for more than a year. This is another tick off of the SP list.)
352 - Jake Peavy
71 - Los Angeles Dodgers
495 - Kenny Rogers All-Star

Pack 8:
273 - J.D. Drew
245 - Ted Lilly
29 - Jose Lopez

85 - Omar Vizquel (This makes it 5 regular SPs for the box!)
MHRC4 - Mickey Mantle Home Run Champion 4

403 - Bryce Brandon Harper (This is the lone non-SP card that I needed from the box. Last seen in MLB: 2006)
278 - Nick Johnson
286 - Cory Sullivan

Time to update the want list. If there's anyone else still collecting this set, I have a few extra non-SP cards and one insert card to trade, plus a whole mess of stuff that I need.

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aj said...

willy aybar was traded to the braves from the dodgers for Wilson Betemit. Aybar had major drug and other issues and disappeared soon after joining the braves. I think he then went to the Rays once he got better.

I want Betemit back!