Thursday, March 3, 2011

Phungo Pack Break 2011

Hey, it's Happy Phungo Time again! While everyone else is shelling out mad scrilla for diamond bling, Phungo is making the fat cats look silly with his free cardboard gems. Bring on the HITZ!

15 - Tim Hudson (Tim Hudson is older than dirt. That's what I hear from all of the so-called experts, anyway. He's actually only 3 1/2 months older than me, so I should probably start drafting up my will.)

27 - Polanco / Rollins / Manuel (A Phun Phungo Card for the Phillie Phan.)

Cole Hamels vs. Albert Pujols Black Framed Insert, Part 1 (It's almost as if there could be more to this puzzle.)

85 - Ted Simmons (Hey, it's a vintage insert! Simmons looks like he's either in full-on Bobby DeNiro impression mode or he's about to fall asleep. Either way, this goes straight into one of my Cardinals binders.)

708 - Mark DeRosa (Hey, wow. Mark DeRosa did play for the Cardinals at one point, didn't he? It's all such a blur. This is a huge pickup for me. Since I already have a copy, this can actually go towards my 2009 Heritage set and needless to say... it's short printed.)

183 - Todd Worrell (This might be the first time I've ever managed to scan a Sportflics card well. This one is from 1989. I could probably buy 20 loose retail packs and not get as many Cardinals goodies as I've managed to snag in this free pack.)

Cole Hamels vs. Albert Pujols Black Framed Insert, Part 2 (It's... it's... like... closure! I feel so complete! It's a pretty sweet photo, to be honest. I would have scanned them together, but my scanner probably would have somehow turned it into a Dave Magadan '88 Donruss card without my consent)

55 - Tim Lincecum (Oh man, it's this guy. He has the hair. And the championship ring. I'll say nothing more.)

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deal said...

Great summary - I have had the DeRosa card in the For ConC stack for a while - glad it finally found it's way home.