Sunday, April 10, 2011

Card Show Nuggets in a Lousy Season

It's been a really, really rough start for the Cardinals. There's no way around that. No amount of puff pieces on or positive baseball announcer speak can smooth over the fact that this team is not scoring and not winning. That's all I'm really going to say on the matter.

I went to a card show yesterday and, along with a few things for trades and contests and such, I picked up some Cardinals for my own collection, including a few Cadaco discs. These things are pretty flimsy, feature stock MLBPA photos with logos airbrushed away, and seem to have been used for some sort of game. Other than that, I don't know anything about them.

It's tough to pass up a Red mini for 10 cents. So... I didn't.

This card is just hideous. I also don't understand it at all. Is the idea that some sort of perceived greatness progressed from Duke Snider all the way up to Vernon Wells? Is Vernon Wells better than Duke Snider?

This serial numbered Stan Musial card was in a 3 for $1 bin. Can you believe that? This is a great looking card.

Finally, my big ticket item was a Jaime Garcia jersey card from his second year in pro ball (and first year on baseball cards.) It's a little rough around the edges in that a couple of corners are dinged a bit, but I still love it. It cost me three dollars. With Adam Wainwright on the shelf, Garcia is the best pitcher on the staff, which even includes Chris Carpenter. Carp is still very good, but he's not quite as dominant as he was even a couple of years ago. Garcia, meanwhile, is only 23 and has already gone through the whole Tommy John surgery initiation that is mandatory for all Cardinals starters.

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longlivethewho said...

If Pujols wants a fat contract, he better get going fast. Of all the years I have him on my fantasy team...