Sunday, April 24, 2011

How Did I Miss This?

I've had a stack of '70s cards on my desk for quite a long time that I pick through when I'm looking for material for my Airbrushed Fridays posts. The cards originally came from Smed's Baseball Card Blog and are heavy on the airbrushing victims, although there were some other interesting cards in the pile. It took me a really long time to notice that one of the cards was an actual factual Hank Aaron card from his playing days. Amazing! Sure, Hammerin' Hank was playing for the Brewers and in the twilight of his career at this point, but this is an awesome card to own.

Smed's is hosting a Spring Cleaning event if you haven't already had the chance to partake. He's unloading tons of cards for nothing more than some items off his wish list and the cost of shipping. Having received a number of packages from him in the past, I am sure that it will be well worth your while to sign up, both in value and fun factor. Check it out! I can't promise that you'll receive a Hank Aaron card or anything, but I'm sure that there's plenty of great stuff to be had.


Play at the Plate said...

Most excellent sir.

smedcards said...

Thanks for the plug. I'll sprinkle in some Heritage and the other set you emailed about (since I have triples), and your Cards package will have a VERY NICE card I got in a 2006 Fleer Tradition box.

Plenty of good teams available. Most of the teams are 'virgin' meaning I've not had a trading partner with them and so plenty of good stuff is available.