Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Topps Million Card Giveaway Results

It was a rough night for the Cardinals, but at least the bats are alive. St. Louis scored 8 runs for the second straight night after tallying 6 in the series capper with the Giants on Sunday. Unfortunately, Arizona scored 13 runs off 2 fewer hits and walked away with the game.

Mel Nelson didn't pitch in the game or any game in the past 42 years, but he's pictured here on his 1969 Topps card, one of two that I claimed right before the deadline of the end of the 2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway.

Nelson's final year in the bigs was 1969. Baseball-Reference.com lists Mel's Cardinals jersey number as 47 and his number in 1960, his original stint with the Cards, as 35. I suppose it's possible that this picture is from the 1960 season, which would be kind of strange.

I know a bit more about Sadecki. This is at least my 4th vintage Cardinal card of his, which must exceed pretty much any player I can think of. Sure, I have tons of Bob Gibson cards, but most of them were made long after his playing career was over. Both of these cards arrived in reasonably good shape, but they're nothing you wouldn't expect to find in a $1 bin (or cheaper) at any given point. Why did I get them shipped? I guess it's just my official document of the year long contest. I can look at these cards and at least have something to show for all of the codes that I entered. I should also mention the fact that the second card I ever redeemed, and only other card that I had shipped, was a certified autograph of a Hall of Famer. I am not complaining.

"ST. L. CARDS" is an interesting way of abbreviating the team that I follow regularly. I've noticed that they are far more frequently referred to as the Cards in earlier times, but I almost want to say that was to save on space and printing costs than the way they were spoken about in those times. The cartoon is great, by the way. You should click on the image to zoom in. Cartoon Sadecki is about to pull some Harry Potter action on that twig there and start busting out stellar Quidditch moves on the Yankees. In the '60s. He's magical.

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Anonymous said...

The Nelson picture is from 1960. The Cards weren't using the dark hat in 1968.