Thursday, November 3, 2011

Birthday Box: The Box Toppers

My lone baseball card related birthday gift this Halloween ended up being a hobby box of 2009 Heritage High Series thanks to my friend Kevin. Seeing as how I rarely open hobby boxes, and never have gotten around to getting a Heritage one, this was a special treat. And speaking of special treats, here's a look at the box toppers that came with said box.

Does anyone else feel like these buyback cards would be a lot cooler without the permanent gold stamp? That being said, this is a pretty nice card, imperfections and all. I really like the look of the team cards from this set, much more so than team cards from other sets that Heritage has featured of late. But, seriously, the gold stamp? It would be nicer if they just encased it in specially marked plastic or something, so that people could "free the vintage" if they chose to.

An old-school unmarked checklist! Nice. Has anyone pulled a marked up checklist in their buyback experiences?

I was really looking forward to the ad panel since I somehow did not own any of my own.

And then I pulled this. Jamey Carroll is in the center of this, somehow making things even worse than they could be.

I have never really seen these cut up, not that I'd really approve of this sort of thing. Anyway, this is up for trade, but I'd prefer to either get one with a Cardinal on it or maybe just any old one from 2008. I don't see a lot of demand for Tim Redding stuff these days, however, so this will probably go in the archives somewhere.


Play at the Plate said...

Nice buyback, but I agree they should just leave them in their original vintage form. The stamp takes away from the greatness it already possesses.

night owl said...

I've had dealers lament the buy-back stamp in front of me at card shows. I don't know anyone who likes it.