Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Well Rounded Trade

I tend to think that the best kind of card trades hit multiple areas of your collecting interest and also manage to throw in something surprising and fantastic at the end. This can be something totally unnecessary, yet it adds to the fun (and surprise) factor. I should note that I have next to zero expectations when I enter into trades with people over the internet as I just hope that I can get rid of cards and offer something useful to someone for my part. Such was the case with a recent trade exchange with Kyle4KC of the Chris Farley-adorned Juust a Bit Outside blog. Kyle is a fellow Cardinal fan, though in an ideal world I feel like he'd lean more towards Royal Blue.

As mentioned, Kyle hit a number of areas of interest with this trade, including the recent Allen & Ginter and Heritage sets. Aroldis Chapman is approximately 7'8", can throw 147 MPH and is reportedly made of a platinum-titanium composite.

Kasper Hauser is... I don't know... spoooooooooky?

I really like the Baseball Flashbacks cards from this year's Heritage offering. Since this is just a insert set concept that is rehashed from year after year, the design isn't really based on anything authentic, but I still like the look.

As with any good trade worth its salt (just kidding, people who don't do this!), there was a healthy amount of Cardinals cards. This 2004 Fleer Greats set with the embossed style frame is one of my absolute favorites. I wonder how much a box would run me.

It's curious that Topps chose this photo for just a Matt Holliday card, rather than one of their multi-player dealies. It also just looks odd with a certain someone missing from the picture. Albert had bad timing with his forearm break last season as it cost him an almost certain All-Star appearance.

Speaking of which, I was certainly surprised and excited to get this Pujols XFractor. X-Fractor? Xfractor? XFRACTOR? I'm not sure how to properly punctuate and/or capitalize that made up word.

Finally, here's a really cool jersey swatch from everyone's favorite: J.D. Drew. Sure, J.D. may not go down in history on any team's All-Time Fan Favorite list, but it is a really nice little jersey piece.

Thanks again to Kyle4KC. Now, don't mind me as I run off to listen to the Education Connection song yet again...

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Greg Zakwin said...

That Drew patch is sick! Nice pickup!