Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trolling for Sports Cards

Everyone's favorite Troll, a frequent trading partner over the course of this blog's existence, was kind enough to supply me with some more wares to get me through a long winter. Most of the cards were from set-building want lists, but there were some really nice Cardinals nuggets in the pile as well that I will get to shortly.

I'm down to missing just 4 (!) of the cards from the 2008 Allen & Ginter main set. This is the closest I've come to completing any of the big and somewhat (for me) expensive sets that I set out to do as a side project of this blog. Of course, my main focus has always been to turn my unwanted non-Cardinals (and Cardinals dupes) into useful cards, but some of these sets proved to just be a little too tempting.

Yes, I'm still collecting these. I would really like to work on the 2005 and 2006 Turkey Red sets, but they are still pretty cost-prohibitive from what I hear. In the meantime, I still need some more of the Turkey Red inserts from the 2009 and 2010 products.

I'M A BIG MAN AND I NEED A BIIIIIIIIG SANDWICH! And monies. Lots and lots of sweet, sweet monies.

New managerial candidate Terry Francona may not have the connections to the Cardinals organization that some of the other interviewees have, but his father did spend a couple of seasons in the Birds on the Bat.

First Jon Jay relic! Awesome. Jon Jay may not be the "star outfielder" that the back of this card proclaims, but he's a pretty capable center fielder and may yet have room to grow. He led the team in games played and style points.

But the Jon Jay card can't top this... a Bob Gibson / Jake Peavy dual relic. Of course, I wish this had Chris Carpenter or Adam Wainwright as the 2000s representative, but I'm in no position to be choosy.

Thanks again to the Troll!

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