Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Current

I'm about as close to being caught up with trades (and trade posts) as I have been in months, and that's exciting news to me. It also means that I just might be ready to take on some more trades, although I'm going to have to choose wisely and carefully the ones I accept. I haven't purchased many cards lately, so it's becoming more difficult to find things that other people might want. (I wish that meant that I'm clearing up storage space and reducing my cardboard inventory, but it's not really the case.) I did pick up an Allen & Ginter blaster tonight and knocked off quite a few things off my want list, so that's a good thing. It's updated now if you're interested.

This post is about the package I got from the once and former (and now current) Potch Wheeler and The Cardboard Heroes. Allen & Ginter was once again on the menu, and this package was certainly full of heroes (and not too many zeroes.)

Rafael Furcal apparently is looking for a multi-year deal, which certainly is within his right. However, with the money he's asking and the fragility he's dealt with in recent years, it seems decreasingly likely that he'll remain a Cardinal. It's too bad, because he had the greatest impact on the team's overall turnaround that eventually led to their stunning playoff run. The Cards have some infield depth and, if John Mozeliak is to be believed, are set to pencil in Tyler Greene on many lineup cards next year. That could be interesting.

The pride of Madras, Oregon... which is kind of in the middle of nowhere. As most of you know, I am an Oregonian, which I guess is the only thing that keeps me from despising Jacoby Ellsbury like I do the rest of the Boston roster. He's far from a player I really like, though, but I guess it's kind of cool to see your home state on a card.

Somehow I let on that I like the Cardinals, so a few St. Louis cards found their way into the package. Donruss had a few oddball releases in the '80s that I am not familiar with, so I usually enjoy receiving these kinds of cards in trades.

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Dhoff said...

Trade with me when you get freed up. I have some sweet Edmonds cards I want to send your way.