Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Traded Anything

Trade Me Anything is an annual October tradition over at Thorzul Will Rule. Thorzul buys a bunch of the new Topps Update and trades off the unwanted extras to others who feel like being adventurous. You can see what I sent here. (Hint: I try to keep things at least somewhat "anything".)

Allen Craig's card is a bit on the strange side, especially in that he's not actually playing the outfield. With Tony La Russa's retirement (that seems so weird to type, much less say), we've probably seen the last of the Craig At 2nd Experiment. It was fun while it lasted! I'm not so sure that he enjoyed it, however.

The kids affectionately call these abominations "liquorfractors". I will stick to my assessment that they look like pure vomit. And yet, I find myself compelled to collect them if Cardinals are involved.

We just learned today that with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement rules in place, the Cardinals will receive a supplemental draft pick as compensation for Octavio Dotel's departure even if they don't offer him arbitration. I wouldn't mind seeing him come back, however. He was certainly the one who came to embrace the high socks look the most.

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Collective Troll said...

I agree that they look like puke, but gosh darn, if Rays are involved I want every last one of them!!! Nice pick ups there... I have a little pile of cards ready to head your way when I get some stamp $$$... Cheers!