Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Now With 30% More Steroids

Big time Orioles fan Jason has worked out a few deals with me, and he recently claimed my extra Dylan Bundy / Manny Machado Heritage rookie card from my trade bait pile. While Bundy hasn't been so fortunate this season considering his recent Tommy John surgery, Manny Machado has quickly blossomed into one of the finest third basemen in the league. Good for him. I have to say that it's nice to see an AL East guy break out that doesn't play for Boston or New York.

Jason sent over some needed Heritage and Ginter cards (surprise, surprise) as well as a few extra Cardinals (shocking!) Included in the exchange was a souped up short print of souped up slugger Nelson Cruz. Cruz could be in some hot water for the same reason that this guy is, and I'm not talking about (lack of) fashion sense.

Pete Kozma ended up being the Cardinals starting shortstop this season because Rafael Furcal fell in a sewer and is probably becoming the new Master Splinter and the only shortstop they bothered to sign was Ronny Cedeno, who has now been disowned by two teams (including the Astros!) this season for failing to be better than Ronny Cedeno. I actually didn't have a single copy of this card, which means I still need a second one for my Heritage set.

Speaking of falling into sewers and disappearing, Jason Motte has... well... he's been working on his beard this season, at least. As long as he stays far, far away from Brian Wilson, I'll be okay with this. Good luck to you, sir, and I hope that you return to a steady role somewhere in the Cardinals pen in 2014.

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