Saturday, July 6, 2013

Series 2 Thoughts

You've tried all the best and now you're here for the rest. Here's my take on the new(ish) Topps Series 2 product. I picked up several packs in several configurations recently, and rather than bore everyone with a full on pack break I just thought I'd show off a few cards from each.

Hobby Packs (3) - 10 cards - $7.00

Emerald parallels are back. I'm not sure that I'm a big fan of these, but they're here and they're not apparently going anywhere, which means I have screaming loud green versions of Cardinal cards to collect.

Apparently this is the last go around of the '72 minis, which are due to be replaced by a '71 version in the Update set. Is this Topps admitting that this design isn't all that popular while trying to appease people with a more popular look to lure people into buying Update Series cards? Probably?

Here's my first and only Cardinal out of the 3 hobby packs. If this looks familiar it's because we had this insert in Series 1.

One of the most frustrating things to me about Series 2 and its existence is all of the Photoshopped cards. To me, there's no point of showing players in their new uniforms if they're not really wearing them, and there's no point in breaking up a set into two parts released many months apart if they don't use more current photos. Series 1 and Series 2 are probably printed days apart but released months apart.

Target Retail Packs (5) - 60 cards - $9.95

Another "chase" themed insert set. This is a pretty cool photo with the bits of grass flying through the air.

Chasing History again. I think CarGo is criminally underappreciated.

These inserts are a slice of cardboard perfection. Just don't cut yourself.

More '72 minis. It's nice to see Eric Davis get some love from the Topps conglomerate.

Out of the five loose packs, one contained a red Target parallel. I have no idea who Hicks is.

Scary green again.

Here's Wilin Rosario Making (His) Mark. For once there's no "chase" in the insert name.

Target Rack Pack (1) - 36 cards - $4.99

Darvish is still a pretty good pitcher, is he not?

Finally, after five loose packs of zero Cardinals, we get to an actual Cardinals base card. There were Cardinals all over the place in Series 1, so they might be sparse in this set. Joe Kelly is back in the rotation and had a perfectly cromulent outing today.

Here's the rack pack holofoil version of the Musial insert we saw earlier. It's nice to knock these two off the want list right away.

It's weird to see Sheffield as a Dodger. I know he played for all sorts of teams, the Cardinals not included, but this card surprised me a little.

Yelling, screaming, red Angel Mike Trout. Yeahhhh buddy.

All of these cards, minus the Cardinals, are up for grabs. I also have a stack of base cards if anyone has lists that need to be trimmed. Just point me to them and let me know.


  1. Didn't know that about the Update minis. That'll prolly get me to buy some more packs, love the '71 design.

  2. I wouldn't mind snagging the Rockies from Series 2 from ya including base cards. I haven't bought any yet and don't know if I will. I'm sure I can find you some Cardinals.

  3. Let me know if you would be willing to trade that Aaron Hicks card. Thanks.

  4. Do the Musial Chasing History backs face the same way? There's a Ripken One in both Series 1 and Series 2, but they face opposite ways when the backs are right side up. Or is this some variation based on the pack type they came out of?

    Oh, and if I have anything at all on your want list, I'm wanting the Trout.

  5. Hicks is a rookie that was brought up past AAA ball to fill in for the Twins' recently traded center fielders Denard Span and Ben Revere. His defensive range is excellent, but his offense is lousy. He's still batting well below the Mendoza line.


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