Monday, July 15, 2013

Trading with Card Buzz

It's late on the eve of this year's rendition of the All-Star Game, and the Cardinals will have as many as 5 participants in addition to Adam Wainwright, who opted not to pitch as he just pitched yesterday. I'm hoping for an interesting game, although considering what's at stake for the winning league, I wouldn't mind another blowout like last year if it helps the Cardinals in the playoffs.

I recently traded with Laurens from Card Buzz, acquiring two more much needed SPs from the 2007 Topps Heritage set and a few Redbirds.

It seems weird that this will be the third consecutive All-Star Game without Albert Pujols. He likely would have made the 2011 team were it not for injuries, but his numbers have not been there at the break to justify his selection in either of his seasons with the Angels. I could see him having a stronger second half this season, but he's clearly very limited in his mobility which seems to affect all sorts of things.

Here's to hoping Adam Wainwright has a strong second half. I'd love to see him finally win the Cy Young Award this year after he came so close to doing it in 2009 and 2010.

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