Monday, April 20, 2020

Facebook Can Be Good for Something?

Some Blazers (and a bonus) from @bgmartin76 and a Facebook box break group. 

New basketball cards have become infuriatingly scarce lately, and very costly once actually located. Long before some weird Michael Jordan revival drummed up interest in thirty year old cards of which countless hundreds of thousands (if not millions) were printed, the Luka-frenzy and the Zion-mania started keeping cards out of the hands of the common people. Group breaks are a great thing to fall back on, however, especially with basketball cards where I have far fewer trade partners available to me.

I joined a Facebook group, Ben's Cards and Collectibles Box Breaks, awhile back (Colbey of Cardboard Collections is among its members) and immediately snagged some Blazers spots. The prices are really low, and you get to decide when the cards ship in order to keep costs down even further. Here's a few of the cards I received.

Here's a trio of Blazers from the 2017-18 Panini Revolution set. This particular box was a Chinese New Year box, and the first two cards are of the Chinese New Year variety. (CJ's card is a mere base card pattern, which can be difficult to tell with this set.)

Optic is something I never saw anywhere on the shelves this year, but at the last card show I attended, the dealers had plenty available. It's funny how that works. I've been chipping away at this team set through trades and breaks, but still could use plenty of help. There's a bunch of Dame inserts in this one, and I was fortunate enough to grab two of them.

I haven't bought many baseball slots as it seems that the Cardinals are often reserved already, but I did get to take my chances at last year's Finest. This is a pretty nice looking Yadi card.

From a (basketball) Chronicles break came this Zach Collins rookie card numbered to 150, as it's a blue parallel. I used Zach's name for one of my fantasy teams, and may have ended up cursing his whole season... if not the whole NBA season... if not... well, I'll stop there. Hopefully we'll all see him being a weird vampire dude on the courts again soon.


  1. So what you're saying is... that you're responsible for all of this? :)

  2. Nice cards. Really like that first Dame optic. I'm really enjoying Ben's breaks as well. Timing is everything though to get your teams. Good post.


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