Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Listia Pickups and New Stickers

Spending more money on cards from home. 

I picked up a couple of cards recently on Listia that I was pretty excited about. I don't focus a ton of my posts on things I've bought/won online, but occasionally something will stick out. This Harrison Bader bronze Donruss Optic autograph seems to have been on the sight for at least six months (possibly longer, because who can keep track of time anymore?) I finally pulled the plug on it in the past week or so, and wasn't disappointed at all.

I don't go seeking out Eagles cards all that often, if at all, but I really liked this card of Nick Foles that commemorates the Eagles thrilling and fulfilling Super Bowl win.

I also bought a brand new blaster of 2020 Topps Stickers from an eBay seller. This year's set once again carries over the full-sized sticker-plus-card back concept from 2019. This time, the card/sticker numbers are printed on both sides of the sticker/card, which makes it even more confusing to figure out which part is the card and which part is the sticker.

Yes, they are still making Albert Pujols Cardinals cards (stickers?) in 2020. No, I am not that upset about this.

I think this might be a stickercard back, because the copyright verbiage is featured below Kolten Won's name. The main base sticker design, which I didn't show off here because I didn't pull any Cardinals, can also be found as an insert (preview) in the 2020 Topps Opening Day set. I'm not sure if those are actually stickers or not.

I'm not sure about any of this, really.


  1. I was just thinking about Listia the other day and whether it was a thing still or not. Thanks for answering my question!

  2. Wow, haven't been on Listia in years! I had fun for a while with it. Got some great cards too.

  3. Listia? I'm pretty sure I still have some points, credits, or whatever their money is called. Maybe I'll clear my account with them today.


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