Tuesday, June 2, 2020

2020 Turkey Red Update

Down to the final 15 needs thanks to @arpsmith44 and others. 

Over the past couple of months, Giants fan ARPSmith has sent a couple of big white envelopes stuffed full of Turkey Red goodness. I'm much closer to the goal than I was back in April when the first envelope arrived, and am down to just these needs currently:

TR-2 Ronald Acuña Jr.
TR-6 Freddie Freeman
TR-12 John Means
TR-14 J.D. Martinez
TR-15 Chris Sale
TR-31 Brendan Rodgers
TR-51 Christian Yelich
TR-57 Max Kepler
TR-65 Jacob deGrom
TR-70 Aaron Nola
TR-86 Charlie Morton
TR-93 Aristides Aquino
TR-94 Bo Bichette
TR-95 Juan Soto
TR-98 Sean Doolittle

With the release of Series Two inching closer (is it really happening? or will it be delayed?), I am eager to put this one to bed as soon as I can. It might be time to start heading to the usual online shops if I really want to get serious about finish this off.

Here's the second group of cards I got late last month. The Vlad Jr. card probably would have cost a fortune if it had been release last year, but I think the hype has died down (and it doesn't have that coveted but meaningless RC logo attached.)

Thanks again to ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession, and everyone else who has sent me cards recently!

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Fuji said...

I just commented on a blog earlier about wishing Topps would shelve Turkey Red cards for ten to fifteen years. But I gotta say... this is a really cool looking set. That Contreras with the sun in the background is gorgeous. Anyways... I just don't want to see them flooding the hobby with Turkey Red cards year after year.