Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Old and New Breaks

A little bit of this and that from @CrackinWax #CrackinWaxMailDay 

New baseball cards are starting to finally bubble up to the surface, but the Crackin' Wax box breaks I participated in last week contained a mix of old and new products. First up is 2003 Topps Pristine, a really nice looking set with an unintentionally hilarious box breaking configuration. Basically there are packs inside of packs (inside of packs?) I'm not usually one for much interest in watching box break videos, especially if I'm not involved in any way, but you may want to check this out if you're feeling up to watching a strange one.

In any case, it's a nice set! I like the design a lot. This Edmonds card is one of those things where I could have sworn I already had a copy in my collection, but the database said otherwise. It's possible I just owned a parallel of this, but it could have easily been skipped over if I had run across it in a box somewhere or something.

There are encased uncirculated cards in these boxes... for some reason! And one was actually pulled for me. These are really nice and predictably shiny and untouched and disease-free and all that. I decided to scan this even though I knew it would result in a blurry image.

Make that two blurry images! You can kind of see here that it's numbered to 99.

The Pristine break also landed me an Albert Pujols jersey. It's a really small piece of jersey, but it's a fun card nonetheless. It's not an everyday thing that you come across a Pujols "hit", after all.

Moving forward closer to the present, I was able to finish off my Donruss Optic base team set from last year finally. This reminds me that I need to update my top 10 wants on the sidebar (currently there's only 6), as these are usually cards that will finish off a team set for me.

2020 Bowman is the new kid on the block right now, and it's a tough find in stores this year. Through this break, I was able to put a bit of a dent in my needs. The base cards are predictably Bowman looking and actually remind me somewhat of the 2010 Bowman Prospects design. Just a little bit. We've already seen all of the prospects before, only in 1st Edition form. These are the non-prospects that are new to me.

This insert set highlights some of the lower round pick successes, something that won't happen this year due to the elimination of roughly 88% of the draft. Thanks, deadly virus and crippling labor strife!

1990 Bowman is back! Hooray? I did buy quite a bit of those cards back in the day. These are all refractors, and I need a couple of the other Cardinals in this insert set.

I didn't scan any of the prospects because we've more or less seen them before here, but I did scan this (lone) chrome version that was pulled for me. They added some flair to the chrome borders this year. I need the other four prospects in chrome form.

Finally, there was a 2020 Select break that I was excited about. It turned out to be pretty uneventful. I might just seek out a team lot at some point unless these manage to come down to reasonable price levels.


  1. Wow. Gotta say, it might be crazy... but that pack opening experience seemed like a lot of fun. Congratulations on the Pujols hit.

  2. Good cards. That Edmonds is the highlight for me. I do like the Bowman this year and that retro chrome Bowman I like for some reason. I really don't like the original set.

  3. I checked out some of that video. Crackin' Wax is big-time now!

    The set is bizarre. I actually don't know what to think.

  4. Topps Pristine is one of those sets that I really like, but don't own very many cards from, and almost never see them at shows.


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