Wednesday, June 17, 2020

All Over the Place

All of the sports in one post. 

Once again, buckstorecards has sent a whale of a package from across the northern border containing cards from pretty much all of the sports I follow. The only thing that nobody sends me at this point is Portland Timbers cards, but I barely know what those things look like. I am overdue to send a package back (aka "return fire"), so I am extra appreciatively of the generosity here.

I am not even attempting to organize this post by sports anymore. We go from baseball to more baseball, though, with this Yadi green parallel from 2019 Panini Chronicles, aka Panini Weird.

Blues! Man, with the lack of live sports going on right now, I would absolutely become a huge hockey fan if that was safely happening. Unfortunately, for the sake of humanity, I am pretty much in the "no sports in 2020" camp right now. We'll see what happens, but it's scary right now.

I have almost convinced myself that sorting and cataloging my Eagles cards would be a good thing to do while I am still working from home full time. If I end up doing this, I am thinking of throwing down some very specific parameters for people who want to continue to send me football cards. If the cards feature their classic "kelly green" uniforms like these, I am all about it.

A wild Duck has appeared! I usually save the swanky Ducks cards for certain days in the fall, but it seems pretty iffy that there is going to be a need for those posts this year. We'll see.

A trophy Goldy.

More Weird Panini, this time featuring ex-Duck hooper Jordan Bell on a Majestic design in black and white.

I think... no, I know that this is the first Russell Wilson card in my collection. It could be the last.

Extra chunky, thick and die cut. If I had a rhyme to go with that, I'd bust it out for you. This is a fancy card from a fancy set numbered to 25. If the Bubble Season truly gets going (aka Summer League w/ better players), I bet CJ McCollum will end up scoring a lot of points. That's what he does, after all.

This package had it all. And by having it all, I mean that it had an Ozzie Smith card with less than 200 copies in the world that I didn't own.

From less than 200 copies to the junkiest junk comes this card of QB Eagles. I didn't own this! Honestly, I should probably just confine my entire Eagles collection to Randall Cunningham cards, but I am too greedy.

Speaking of old-school Score, the 2019 Panini Score set aped this 1989 Score design. Here is the current Eagles QB (who is very excellent, even if he has a serious timing issue with his maladies.) Do you see the inferiority of the uniform colors, though. If the Eagles could only revert to their early-'90s uniformed ways, I would never say anything bad about the NFL again.

Just kidding. I loathe the NFL.


  1. Loved Randall Cunningham back in the late 80's and early 90's. He was very popular right around the time I started buying football cards. Your post just inspired me to pick up his 1986 McDonalds card.

  2. It's somewhat unrelated, but I'd be curious to hear your take regarding the possible summer league on steroids finish to the NBA season?


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