Monday, June 22, 2020

A Monday PWE Roundup

Good things, small packages, etc. 

I've got quite a backlog of plain white envelopes of cards to show off here, so I thought I'd knock a few out each Monday for awhile, until I either completely forget I was planning on doing this or until the envelopes stop coming. (Don't stop the envelopes from coming!)

First up is my prize from The Big (!) Fun (!) Game (!) over at Johnny's Trading Spot (extra exclamations added by me.) I tend to have a hard time keeping up in real time with all of the games and prizes going on over there, and elsewhere as it turns out, but I was able to focus enough on this particular Friday to claim a prize.

It was a stolen prize, in fact -- a nice little stack of Allen & Ginter minis. While I am still holding out secret hope that this set is cancelled this year, there's always a special place in my collection for minis, even though I'll never have them all. And the set is probably not going to get cancelled, considering how Topp$ is raking in the $$$$ right now with no baseball going on.

Batting second is an envelope from Matt at Diamond Jesters. Matt is a big Red Sox fan and you should definitely check out his blog if you have any extra Boston cards... or even if you don't!

He sent a couple of really nice inserts of Cardinals faves and PC guys (Flaherty is still unofficial right now, but it's just a matter of time at this point.)

Fellow PNWer Cardboard Jones is just one of the latest to help me out in my Turkey Red 2020 quest.

I'm now down to just 11 cards needed for the Series 1 set, with this envelope knocking down the list by another 5 pegs.

Thanks to all of you reading and keeping the Postal Service in business.


  1. Nice pair of Turkeys. I love the orange sky in the background on the Stroman.


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