Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A PWE Roundup on a Wednesday

Incoming cards from fellow card traders. 

As soon as I mentioned last week that I was going to start a regular thing here with the piles of PWEs that have been coming in lately, I knew it probably wasn't a great idea. I don't exactly do a fantastic job of sticking to things. This has been a weird week schedule-wise; I took yesterday off of work and Friday is a de facto holiday. I'll just use that as an excuse, sure.

First up are a pair of 2020 Topps Heritage set needs from Jay of Card Hemorrhage. Personally, my collection could stand to start hemorrhaging cards. I do occasionally put a shoebox full of (mostly dinged up) stuff out by the dumpsters that always seems to disappear quickly. Someone is either putting these to good use or doing something really weird with them.

I still have a ways to go on the Heritage set, with the now typical High Number series all but an inevitability. It would be cool to at least finish off the base set before a new one is released.

From AJ of The Lost Collector comes a group of really random basketball cards. I should say, they aren't entirely random, as they all fit into my collection of (mostly) Trail Blazers. Check out Pat's hair.

Panini's sticker collections are always a weird combination of cheap and surprisingly scarce, so I'm always pleased to add more to my stuff no matter what the year. I believe this is from the 2010-11 set, as Cunningham is in uniform and not in some weird draft day/photoshoot pose.

Here's Clyde the Glide on one of those super generic looking Leaf cards. He's wearing Rockets gear here, but I still make all of his cards a priority.

And here's the man they used to call the 6'8" Great from Michigan State. These days, he's probably the 6'6" Guy who Talks on TV? (Just kidding... I think?)

Lastly, there was an array of Cardinals goods from Brian of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary. Delino DeShields is trying to avoid getting sucked into the spirally void here.

Big City makes an appearance on a rarely seen (to me) blue parallel from the 2015 Opening Day set. This does lend a different look to this design without it completely overtaking the card, unlike some parallels.

I didn't collect back then, but I noticed a trend of card products ramping up the stars and/or stripes a bit in their design elements in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This set did come out in 2001, but I am guessing it was released prior to September. In any case, it has a very 2001 feel to me.

Finally, here's a card of Matty Mo for my 2003 Topps Heritage set build.

Thanks again to everyone involved. Let's keep the envelopes coming!

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